Our data-centric approach, Lean training, and decades of industry experience result in the most innovative, efficient, and productive laundries in the world.

The Propeller Advantage

Facility Planning and Design

We offer a wide range of consulting and design services to ensure that your new or renovated facility is as efficient, productive, profitable, and safe as possible! Just click the headings below to reveal more information about each category of our service facility planning and renovation design offerings.

We design lean, efficient laundries that are uniquely created to meet each client’s specific production objectives and desired capacity, while maintaining an efficient and balanced production flow. If you’re looking to renovate or add-on, we will focus on identifying future equipment and systems that will be necessary to achieve the desired volumes, we will re-use existing equipment where practical, and we will recommend systems that can be shut-down or sold to help mitigate the cost of the project.

When it comes to renovating, adding-on, or building a brand new facility, you want to be sure your equipment and systems meet your specific needs and requirements, and that they fit within your budget. It’s not only about price, it is about finding the best solution that meets all of your needs and requirements. That’s where a Request for Proposal (RFP) process comes in, and we are the industry’s experts! We write detailed RFPs and manage the entire process from start-to-finish, including submittals to vendors, responses to vendor questions and Requests for Information (RFIs), to proposal reviews and the preparation of a detailed analysis and comparison of all vendor responses, and all the way through final negotiation and contracts.

The time between cutting purchase orders and cutting the ribbon at the grand opening can be fraught with trepidation and concern. But don’t worry, we’ve got this! Our project management services ensure that deadlines are met, budgets are observed, everyone stays in-the-loop, and, most importantly, your vision comes to fruition without headaches or heartburn, all the while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

Following delivery of equipment, our team members will be on-site to ensure not only that systems and machinery have been correctly installed, but to work and coordinate with equipment suppliers on equipment start-up and training of your personnel. We will then train your people on new processes, procedures, and methods, and we will return on a regular basis to ensure that people and equipment are performing to your expectations in achievement of project goals.

As your business grows and evolves, changes in product mix, production equipment, and operational processes leave you wondering about how much capacity you actually have. That’s where our production models and capacity analyses come in.

Propeller’s Production and Capacity Models utilize next-generation statistical analysis, modeling, and data visualization tools to provide you with objective insights to help every facility reach peak performance. The models tell you, with pinpoint accuracy, how much you can process now and, as you grow, when and where you’ll need to add processing machinery, process utility equipment, and/or people. We also use these tools to test the merits of strategic and capital plans, including the ability to analyze an infinite variety of hypotheses and alternatives to ensure your next moves are the right ones. In short, we will help you make informed, objective determinations of the best investments for future growth, labor utilization, and profit.

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