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We offer a range of healthcare laundry consulting services to ensure that your on-premise, on-campus, or off-campus laundry, or your third-party laundry processor are as efficient, productive, and safe as possible while minimizing costs and ensuring the best patient outcomes! Just click the headings below to reveal more information about each category of our healthcare laundry consulting offerings.

Everyone in the healthcare world is looking for ways to ensure patient satisfaction and outcomes while reducing costs. That’s where our laundry assessment services can help! Our experts in laundry operations will assess your facility, and those of potential outsourced laundry providers, and prepare a pro forma analysis comparing the costs and benefits associated with on-premise and third-party laundry processing so that you can make an objective, unbiased, and informed decision on whether to keep your laundry operating or move to an outsourced provider.

Our experts evaluate your on-premise laundry operation to discover and document improvement opportunities. The resulting report includes specific actionable suggestions for reducing operating costs, balancing workflow, and improving team member safety, all while ensuring that your patients and caregivers are delighted with the quality of their linens, garments, and other healthcare textiles.

Our experienced laundry operations consultants provide on-site training, coaching, and mentoring for your laundry and linen management teams with a combination of on-site and virtual visits, frequent online support and training meetings to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by the production team, and the development of tracking tools and cooperative analysis of key performance indicators and metrics to help the team to identify problems and track their improvements over time. We also provide process improvement and laundry operations/management training to ensure that improvements are continuous and sustainable.

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