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Drive more revenue, more productivity, greater customer and employee satisfaction, and more profit to the bottom line by using proven methods built on scientific research to boost your company’s performance in sales, customer service, leadership, and more!

We’ve partnered with world-renowned Griffin Hill, the leaders in human and organizational performance to leverage their years of research into the factors that drive high performance, resulting in process, plays, metrics, and coaching that make it easy for you to take advantage of those performance factors. With these proven methods, you will see rapid results that are substantial, sustainable, teachable, and repeatable.

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One of the most common questions of business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs is “How can my business make more sales?” The answer is simple: those who are successful in sales are effective because of the implementation of a winning and often unconscious system. The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System™ is proven to increase revenue, build pipeline, and shorten the sales cycle. We should know because we’ve been using and teaching it for nearly two decades!

The Griffin Hill Sales System implements process, plays, metrics, and coaching for a fully functional sales system built to easily practice and master. The Sales System is packaged for your sales success. It is complete and whole without gap and without flaw.

What you can expect: A system that will give you more closes, a larger pipeline, greater amounts of revenue and commission, and a system that preserves your integrity.

We’ve all heard the statistics about how much more time and money are involved in customer acquisition than retention. Most companies in our industry work extremely hard to maintain quality, customer service standards, and competitive prices, but some fail to develop a defined and repeatable strategy to retain existing customers. This can lead to stagnant growth and declining profitability. That’s where our customer service training can help! We share proven strategies to take control of your most important source of long-term revenue: delighted and loyal customers. Along the way, we also show you how to ensure that your customers will renew time-after-time without ever shopping their business with your competition.

Our customer retention and renewal training provides the tools, techniques, and skills to strengthen customer relationships, ensure loyalty, and smooth out the renewal process. The result will be customers who are more satisfied, and loyal employees who feel more success and less stress. Our training program provides a comprehensive overview of concepts and strategies to enhance customer loyalty, relationships, retention, and contract renewals through improved systems, leadership, management, coaching, and performance.

This isn’t the typical dime-a-dozen pop-psychology leadership training that riddles the Internet! Our training is based on sound research theory on human performance and teaches the skillsets of the most effective and successful leaders and achievers. Our course uses a series of coaching and instructions that will help you learn how to better understand your employees, your business, and yourself so that you can master communication and relational skillsets along with many other theories of leadership.

A strong leader has the power of helping his or her team become higher achievers themselves. A leader does more than lead – they instruct by example. Their communicative ability allows them to influence those in need of guidance and instruction. This kind of leader makes a difference; they are the kind of leader that impresses their superiors, increases productivity and skill, and sees amazing results in their life.

What you can expect: Mastering and understanding the necessary skillsets to become a top performer, with ongoing coaching to help continually increase ability, skill, and success!

Selecting and implementing strategy for a business is the primary job of the CEO. Strategic Planning is made to preserve and grow economic opportunity. How a business organizes and conducts business, sets targets, and achieves goals are all essential elements to the strategic plan. Propeller offers a complete system and toolset for strategic planning.

Using powerful research tools, we help our clients secure and grow bottom-line profit, organize their workplace systems, and become top producers. We help build and heal winning company cultures.

What to expect: Economic growth opportunities of a bottom line. Protection against painful workplace errors that slow productivity. More organization, structure, a more efficient workplace environment, and an elevated company culture.

Technology can be both useful and transformative, but businesses worldwide struggle with implementation and adoption, especially when it comes to systems like customer relationship management (CRM), production monitoring, and other high-tech solutions to common problems. Our propellerheads love new tech and stay ahead of every innovation so that we can train, mentor, monitor, and guide your teams to meet your expectations of a return on your investments.

David Bernstein brings his broad range of business experience, engaging and interactive presentation style, and the ability to deliver actionable content to his audiences to every presentation and keynote talk he gives. A Lean blackbelt, he believes strongly in the implementation of proven processes based upon scientific and psychological research, particularly in human behavior, persuasion, and performance. He has given keynote presentations on four continents, regularly instructs at industry institutes in the areas of sales, customer service, technology, personal & leadership development, and process improvement, and is a frequent presenter at conventions, trade shows, and workshops. For more information, please download his speaker information sheet.

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