Propeller Solutions Group Announces Virtual Laundry Consulting

PARK CITY, UTAH, August 20, 2020 –– Propeller Solutions Group announced today that the consulting firm will begin offering virtual consulting to its current and future clients as a means of reducing client expenses and accommodating concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When it comes to consulting, clients are always interested in getting the most bang for their buck,” noted David Bernstein, President & Chief Propellerhead of the company. “With our new virtual consulting services finally coming out of the Beta phase, we are now able to provide nearly all of our usual services to anyone without the need for planes, trains, automobiles, or hotel stays, thereby significantly reducing the costs of our services to our clients.”

Propeller and its team have always been known not only for being early adopters of technology, but also for using every feature and advantage of a given technology to the mutual benefit of clients and team members.

The firm’s founder says that he started coding in the 1970s, had a personal computer in his college dorm room while nearly all of his colleagues were still using typewriters, embraced cloud computing when that technology was still considered bleeding edge, and has been using virtual meeting software for business many years before Zoom became a household name.

“Being the propellerheads that we are, we started testing potential tech packages for virtual consultations well before anyone had ever heard of SAR-CoV-2,” said Bernstein. “As a result of our rigorous real-world testing, we know that we have finally hit upon the exact right combination of hardware and software to allow us to provide nearly our entire package of services to clients without any of our team members leaving the office.”

Not only does virtual consulting save Propeller’s clients money, but it also alleviates any concerns related to the current COVID-19 pandemic because both clients and consultants are able to remain as physically isolated as they choose, while eliminating additional people in enclosed offices, laundries, and meeting rooms.

Working remotely also provides the consultants with a more realistic view of operations, processes, and performance since laundry employees are unaware of if or when the consultants might be watching.

“We have all had to learn how to make and accept adjustments in our personal and professional lives over the past few months,” Bernstein said, “and, as a result, our clients have embraced our virtual consulting services as part of these changes. Based on the positive client experiences thus far, I have no doubt that these kinds of virtual services will continue well after COVID-19 is in our rearview mirrors – I just hope that’s real soon!”


About Propeller Solutions Group, LLC

Propeller Solutions Group specializes in the laundry industry, providing a broad range of engineering, training, and consulting services with market-leading expertise to commercial, industrial, and on-premise laundries. With clients on four continents, Propeller Solutions Group works with a broad spectrum of laundry operations including hospitality, healthcare, food & beverage, industrial uniform rental, and dust control. The firm has a data-driven approach to client concerns and uses Lean Six Sigma fundamentals to provide process improvement, facility design, training, and a host of other consulting services.